Bathroom Buddy…

Buddy was hoping to empty the Kleenex box…

buddy bathroom 1Thankfully I managed to distract him… which is easy to do – just shake the cat-treat package! 🙂

buddy bathroom 2

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Buddy was not impressed that I ate my whole sandwich instead of sharing it with him! (I was not impressed to see him climbing on the table!)

If you would like to read more about this crazy cat – and many more – click here.

Thanks for visiting the Cat Ranch!

RIP dear Helen…

This week we lost Helen – our dear old German Shepherd cross.  She was a wonderful, gentle soul – sadly abandoned at the local pound in her old age when my husband found her.


She lived with us for the last 18 months of her life.  During that time, she enjoyed therapeutic massages at the vet for her arthritis – which were miraculous in easing her pain and increasing her mobility (she actually ran from time to time!)

Helen bed

Helen loved roaming around the Cat Ranch, and especially seemed to enjoy snowy, cold weather – with her thick fur, she often found it very warm indoors.  I took this photo last November, we were out for less than 10 minutes before she was covered in snow.



Helen also enjoyed being the ‘boss dog’ in charge of all the little ones – though you’d never guess it from this photo below (given that the little ones are in her bed, again!)  Being a gentle spirit – she was a benevolent dictator. (I also think she found it cooler on the bare floor. )


Red Bird

There are a lot of interesting birds that live on the “Cat Ranch” and we’re having fun watching them enjoy the treats Les puts out.  Here are some more pictures from the game camera – these guys are so small and move so fast, it has a hard time capturing them clearly – but it’s still fun to see the colourful birds that come to visit.

Now to go dig out the bird book to remind myself what these are – anyone want to save me the effort by just telling me? 🙂








Here are some more photos from the bird feeder camera – imagine my shock when I saw these.  This is the cat that cost poor little Buddy – our own Tuxedo cat – his left eye.

This fellow spends more time in our yard than his own – fortunately, the birds are smarter than he is.  They all sit around in the trees above the feeder until he gives up and goes home…



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