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Our first two cats, Tristan and Mrs. Hall were the best of friends. No matter how small the cat-bed, they would try to squeeze in together.   Click on their names if you would like to read more about them.


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Callum refuses to be outdone by Buddy.  Here’s his version of the infamous Burt Reynolds photo.

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For those of you too young to know (or too old to remember) this reference – here’s the infamous photo of Burt Reynolds that created such a stir 40 years ago…  Personally, I think little Buddy is much cuter.  😉

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Every day is Halloween at the Cat Ranch – strangely, everyone who comes to the door looking for treats seems to be dressed as a cat!  Ooooo – what cute costumes!

If you would like to read about these crazy cats – and many more – click here to find out how to get my latest book for FREE!

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“Good boy!  Now, roll over!  Roll over!  …okay, play dead!  Good boy!”

(Man, this cat knows how to relax!)

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