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One of the great things about having all of our cats confined (alternating between the house and the outdoor pen) is that we can put out bird feeders again.  There are a lot of interesting birds that live on the “Cat Ranch” and we’re having fun watching them enjoy the treats Les puts out for them. (The cats love watching ‘bird TV’ from the window, as well!)

I decided to buy a little game camera to put beside the feeder to see if we could get some cool photos. Here’s the first batch – I need to move the camera back a little bit to focus things better – but still these were fun to see.


The chickadees are the most frequent visitors – they show up before dawn and are still coming after dark.  They don’t seem to mind sharing. 

The noisy Bluejays seem to be late sleepers, we never see them before noon…


The rest of the birds hold out for the arrival of the suet ball – they can polish one of these off in a single day.  First a Magpie tries to lay claim…

A Nuthatch waited for him to leave before taking a turn…

Then a female Downy Woodpecker showed up…

Now – I’ve just got to go out and rearrange things a bit to see if I can get clearer pictures… stay tuned – hopefully I’ll get some spectacular shots!

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Les brought this big dog bed home for Helen – our aging German Shepherd cross – but as you can see, she gets the hard floor while the younger pups hog the bed.  Penny the Poodle would rather have it to herself, but little Piglet never lets Penny go anywhere alone.

And… as soon as the young pups vacate the bed, little Buddy moves in for his turn…

If she ever actually gets a turn, I’ll post one of Helen using her own bed. 😉

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